July 12, 2024

Different Types of Treatments Offered by Urogynecologists

If you’re looking for a doctor to fix your pelvic organ prolapse, you may want to consider the best urogynecologists in Dubai. Urogynecologists specialize in treating PFDs, or pelvic floor dysfunction devices, in women. Depending on your condition, Urogynecologists may recommend one of several surgical options. This article will explore the pros and cons of each treatment and discuss the various options available.

Transvaginal mesh:

An Urogynecologists specializing in transvaginal mesh treatment can help you reduce the risks of side effects. This surgery removes the excess mesh and repairs the damaged tissue inside the pelvic area. The procedure requires surgery and is difficult because the amount of tissue damage that could occur is unknown. If you are concerned that the mesh may not be effective for you, consult with an Urogynecologists to learn about your options.

Transvaginal sling:

An Urogynecologists can perform a transvaginal sling using two different techniques. The tension-free sling is made from a strip of synthetic mesh tape. It is placed inside the vagina by making a tiny cut above and below the pubic bone, which will then be closed with absorbable stitches. A traditional sling involves making two incisions, one inside the vagina and one on the pubic bone. The sling is inserted through these incisions and then attached to the pubic bone and urethra. The surgeon will likely use skin glue or absorbable stitches to close the incisions in either case.

Transvaginal suture:

The transvaginal suture procedure is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of a series of sutures in the anterior and posterior vaginas. These sutures help to repair site-specific defects and reduce anterior vaginal wall prolapsed. Surgical techniques vary depending on the patient and type of procedure. Urogynecologists can perform this procedure on women of all ages.

Pelvic organ prolapsed:

Pelvic organ prolapse refers to a condition where a pelvic organ bulges out of place into the vagina or rectum. Various factors contribute to pelvic organ prolapses, such as childbirth, menopause, or aging. Some organs may also cause pelvic organ prolapse. A cystocele, which occurs when the wall of the vagina weakens and small bowel presses against or herniates into the vagina, is one possible cause.

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