April 19, 2024
5 Design Elements Of An Effective Landing Page

5 Design Elements Of An Effective Landing Page

When you are running an online marketing campaign, one half of the success can be contributed to your site or a landing page. Once the user is redirected to the site, their buyer’s journey will begin. Hence, the elements that you placed on your site can either lead to a completed sales funnel or a missed opportunity.

Creating an effective landing page for online marketing campaign is not a hit and miss thing. You need to know the right design elements to use so you can maximize your site for conversion. Here are some design factors that can make or break your landing page:

  1. Overall theme

One of the biggest design mistake that web designers commit is not making the website a standout. With millions of web pages running on the web scene, there is a high chance that some web pages would look and feel the same. Experts in web design in Abu Dhabi suggest on customizing your website theme so it will be aligned with the brand and what the target audience wants. With a unique-looking site, your target audience will be more compelled to explore the page and fulfill a goal that you set. But be sure that the design is clean and organized to avoid site confusion.

  1. Effective headline

Apart from the design theme, one of the elements that your audience will see is the headline. Creating a website is tricky. You need to say what you need to say in a couple of powerful phrases. It is both an art and a science. When creating a headline, it would be best to state what you are offering and your unique value proposition.

  1. Compelling image

Visuals are important part of the design. Without graphics, the site would look bare and dull. Be sure to use powerful image and graphics that is related to the brand. But go easy on the graphics. Using too many or too big images might overpower the other design elements that are important for the conversion.

  1. Social proof

When you are checking something on the net, we are always looking for a security blanket to ensure that what we are checking is real. This is what the social proof is for. It eases the minds of the audience and provide insights to what the loyal followers are saying.

  1. Right call to action elements

This is probably the most important factor in a landing page. The CTA or call-to-action elements provide the audience a subtle map that would lead them to fulfill a goal or a task. When deciding on your CTA, keep in mind how the audience would see it. They should feel the need to click that button and convince them to complete the goal that you set for them.

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