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Below you’ll find links to Daniel’s columns at the Federalist and various other publications.


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Other Media:

Fake News Continues From Mainstream Media:” Cam & Company, 2/7/2017

The case for national concealed carry reciprocity:” Cam & Company, 10/20/2016

California’s New Minimum Wage:” Special Edition Saturday, 4/16/2016

Is The Media’s Treatment of Dr. Ben Carson Unfair?” KFBK NewsRadio, 11/9/2015

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Media?” The Andrea Kaye Show, 11/9/2015

Political Correctness on College Campuses:” Coffee and Markets, 10/20/2015

Should We Execute the Boston Bomber?” The Federalist Radio Hour, 6/22/2015

TSA Fails Nearly All Security Tests:” Cam & Company, 6/03/2015

The Expanding Power of the Militarized Police:” Coffee and Markets, 3/10/15

Islam’s Violence Problem:” The Steve Deace Show, 1/15/2015

The Comedic Climate Change Agenda of the U.N.:” Coffee and Markets, 9/9/2014

Bring Back the Welfare Stigma:” Cam & Company, 8/25/2014

The Monstrously Incompetent TSA:” Coffee & Markets, 7/24/2014

With More Guns, Crime is Dropping:” Cam & Company, 1/21/2014

Second Amendment is an Individual Right:” Cam & Company, 1/8/2014