You Will Be Made to Learn

If there were ever any reason to be genuinely alarmed of the transgender phenomenon, its targeting of children is it. Children have always been easy targets—for exploitation, for indoctrination, for any number of practical or ideological purposes—and transgender activists understand this and are acting accordingly. To wit, from California, an account worth quoting at length:

The Rocklin Academy school board is facing tough questions from parents concerned over a controversial incident involving transgender discussions inside a kindergarten class, CBS Sacramento reports.

“These parents feel betrayed by the school district that they were not notified,” said Karen England with the Capitol Resource Institute.

The incident happened earlier this summer during the last few days of the academic school year.

At Monday night’s board meeting, the teacher at the center of the controversy spoke out. With emotions high, she addressed a packed house.

“I’m so proud of my students, it was never my intent to harm any students but to help them through a difficult situation,” she said.

The teacher defended her decision to read two children’s books about transgenderism including one titled “I am Jazz.” She says the books were given to her by a transgender child going through a transition.

“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl,” said England.

Parents say besides the books, the transgender student at some point during class also changed clothes and was revealed as her true gender.

And many parents say they feel betrayed and blindsided.

“I want her to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and our family, not from a book that may be controversial,” a parent said.

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” another parent said.

“The kindergartners came home very confused.” “My daughter came home crying and shaking.” This is, on its face, unsurprising: transgenderism is an ideology that thrives on confusion, and the whole thing must seem very frightening to young children, who are of course only just learning about their own senses of identity. Try to explain to them the eccentricities of a madhouse philosophy and you will invariably send them home “crying and shaking.”

But then again maybe that’s the point. Transgender ideology seems to exist largely as a tool to destabilize what was once the uncontroversial and self-evident natures of human biology and physiology; where once we used to refer to human females as “women” and human males as “men,” we are now expected to assume that these words (indeed, any words associated with sex and human anatomy) are meaningless except as utterly malleable associations that can mean just about anything anybody wants them to at any time—which is to say, meaningless. “Not everyone who has a penis is a man” is a thing that many educated, healthy, nominally sane individuals like to say these days; apparently we have expanded such instructive logic to children as well. So the tears aren’t really that surprising.

In the end I think that schools are perfectly within their rights to teach transgenderism to little children. But—being that it is, you know, a mildly sensitive and important topic—I think parents should be thoroughly informed as to just what their children are being taught. I feel certain that, if so apprised, many parents will elect to have their children stay home on trans reading days. But then maybe that’s why the teachers keep their mouths shut about it: because they know that, given the choice, parents aren’t particularly keen on filling their children’s heads with dangerous and destructive nonsense.


  1. j

    The mentally ill are often confused and thus would confuse a child. If you have a penis you are a man, to think other wise is to be in denial.

  2. Robert Riley

    I wonder how long until the first child comes to school and tells his/her teacher that “daddy says you are wrong and transgenders are people who are sick in the head.” More importantly (it is) I wonder how long until the school’s response will be to contact DCFS … how long until a child will be removed from a “potentially abusive environment” because daddy refuses to buy into the transgender shenanigans. How long until daddy is instructed that if he wishes to have custody of his child again then he must sign an agreement that he will no longer discuss matters related to transgender persons in a manner that it “hateful,” and will follow a script acceptable to the DCFS social worker assigned to monitor his compliance and his children’s “well-being.”
    Think it can’t happen? Think again.