We Interrupt This Broadcast

To regular and first-time readers of Trial of the Century, I am pleased to make an exciting announcement: very shortly I will join the masthead over at the College Fix as an assistant editor. The College Fix is a publication run by the Student Free Press Association, which works with aspiring young college-aged journalists to hone their craft and do solid reporting on campuses across the country. I’m looking forward to helping young writers develop their skills and shine light on countless important issues regarding our country’s higher education system. You can subscribe to the College Fix here.

As always, you’ll still be able to read my writing here, at the Federalist and elsewhere. I’m grateful to everyone who’s along for the ride as I get started in this new position. Thanks for reading!


  1. David

    Congratulations Daniel on increasing the platform for your voice. I wish you the best of luck on your mentoring role.