She Shall Not Pass! (She Did Anyway)

In the Age of Trump, what is the long-term liberal strategy? What do they plan to do to regain the significant amount of ground Democrats have lost in the past decade? Maybe some of them will focus on down-ticket races at the state level; others, on shoring up their presence in one or both houses of Congress; others will begin to lay the foundations for a presidential challenge in 2020. And others will do this:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was physically blocked by protesters from entering Jefferson Academy in SW, D.C. Friday morning. This was her first visit to a public school.

The protesters created a barrier to the entrance of the school, and began shouting.

DeVos turned away and walked toward her vehicle while protesters continued to yell, one screaming, “She doesn’t represent anything that they stand for.” Followed by chants, of “shame, shame, shame.”

So, look, I get it: it is a bit redundant at this point to note that Trump’s electoral victory basically fried the neural circuits of much of the American left. They just went kind of nuts, and a lot of them are still going nuts. I could likely produce examples of this phenomenon every single day for the next four to eight years. Leave all that aside, however, and just ask yourself this question: do these people honestly think tactics like this will work? Do they think that barring a government official from entering a building, hysterically screaming and shouting at her, and ultimately chasing her away is going to accomplish anything—anything at all?

I can’t see how. Surely they must be aware that this kind of nonsense produces no practically valuable outcome (“She did,” the report notes, “eventually make it into the school”). As a moral or philosophical protest it is equally worthless: instead of virtuous protestors, these people just look like angry children or mentally unstable adults, chanting a Game of Thrones meme at a woman who was doing and has done absolutely nothing wrong. For liberalism’s purposes this was an embarrassing, silly, counterproductive and ultimately worthless display of political vanity. And note that this is not just a rank-and-file goober-on-the-street tactic: the highest-ranking of liberal politicians are willing to do useless and bizarre performance art as well. Is there honestly some kind of expectation that these histrionics will produce an outcome of political value? Or are they just, you know, getting their ya-yas out?

Well, who knows? In any event, self-awareness has not been a defining virtue of American liberalism as of late. Just consider another set of reactions to DeVos’s nomination:

In a tizzy after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as President Trump’s Sec. of Education, liberals on Twitter started considering the merits of homeschooling for the first time.

The irony of invoking the freedom to choose where their kids go to school as a way to protest a pro-school choice Sec. of Education seemed lost on them.

Of course it was lost on them! Just the same, this is highly encouraging. As a former homeschooler myself (10+ years of it), I know well the disdain and outright hostility many liberals feel for the practice, and I have always wondered how to make them see the light about the wonderful benefits of teaching your children at home. Who knew? All we had to do was put a smart, successful, highly motivated philanthropist businesswoman in the Department of Education, and bam! Homeschooling is suddenly acceptable. Now what on earth do we have to do to get the Left to come around to guns?

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  1. Kent McDonald

    I would just as soon that the left keeps their aversion to being armed intact. The last thing we need is these rioting in the streets delusional lunatics being armed. No good will come of that.