The Doctor Will See You Now

One good rule of thumb to follow when considering progressive policy issues is this: whatever liberals assure you won’t come to pass, will eventually come to pass. Take, for instance, the ban on public funding of abortion: where once Democrats were willing to compromise on the issue, there is now a growing push in the Democratic Party to scrap the Hyde Amendment (even Tim Kaine, the soi-disant moderate, betrayed his principles in favor of getting rid of Hyde). Or take gay marriage, a phenomenon that, you were told, would have “nothing to do with you,” but which ended up having very much a lot to do with you.

Add to this list of predictable outcomes the issue of euthanasia. Those of us who are opposed to euthanasia—specifically its legalization and its adoption by medical professionals—have been warning for some time that assisted suicide’s growing popularity will spread, and indeed already is spreading, beyond the initial victims—the terminally ill, the grievously injured—it was intended to “help.” In the Netherlands, for instance, a third of all suicide requests are for people who are “tired of living.” And now, in Holland, it is apparently legal to just outright kill someone, so long as it’s done under the cover of legal euthanasia:

A Dutch woman doctor who asked an elderly patient’s family to hold her down while she administered a fatal drug dose has been cleared under Holland’s euthanasia laws.

Mailonline reported that the patient fought desperately in an attempt not to be killed…

In this case, the woman, who was suffering from dementia,  had earlier expressed a desire to have her life ended when she felt the “time was right”.

According to case notes, the woman, who lived in a nursing home, showed signs of fear and anger. She would also wander around the premises at night.

The end came when a doctor put a soporific into her coffee before administering a lethal injection.

But as the doctor tried to administer the injection, she began to struggle and the doctor had to seek the family’s help to complete the procedure.

Got that? A doctor had to ask a patient’s family to hold her down so that he could kill her. We are consistently assured that legalized euthanasia will always have in place a series of safety checks in order to ensure that people who do not want to be killed are not killed. Yet in Holland, where assisted suicide has been legal for about a decade-and-a-half, it is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the law for a doctor to drug a patient, have her family restrain her, and then give her a shot to end her life. Does this sound at all civilized to you, or does it sound like a quiet kind of barbarity?

I suppose the doctor’s justification stems from the fact that the patient asked for a lethal shot “when the time was right.” But how can a person suffering from dementia possibly adjudicate such a question? Moreover, how can a doctor administering a fatal shot to a woman possibly justify acting in loco mentis for her when she is struggling to not be killed? 

This is, and will inevitably be, the end result of any country or state that makes it legal for doctors to kill their patients: eventually the acceptable parameters of killing will widen to include people who, for all appearances, do not want to die. But hey, maybe this was for the better: after all, this woman would “wander the premises” of the nursing home at night. They don’t have to worry about that anymore; her doctor killed her and took care of the problem, and all it took was a little help from this woman’s family. Doesn’t that sound just like the kind of legal regime you want to live under?


  1. Adriana Mandon

    I am speechless, the scare thing is nobody is reacting to that, or anything crazy that is going on in the world and just pass by in front of our eyes and we don’t give a thought. What about “legally” abusing children in the US, children given drugs to suppress puberty because they say that they don’t feel as their biological gender, and parents fall for this. This was the January cover of Nat Geo, once a serious magazine, now, just one more tool of a propagandistic nature to advance the agenda of destruction. “The issue is never the issue, the issue is the revolution”