Go Cuck Yourself

Lately there’s been one of those strange, annoying political trends plodding its way through some of the conservative political media: the phenomenon of the “cuckservative,” a Shakespearean-esque slur used by super-duper conservative types to insult people who are not quite so super-duper conservative. So far as I can tell, the insult is mostly hurled at conservatives who are not sufficiently opposed to Mexican immigration; if you’re not up for building a two-thousand-mile-long wall along the southern border to keep out foreign people at all costs, then you need to surrender your conservative card, or something.

It’s not every day that the “real conservative” movement finds itself perfectly in alignment with the Socialist campaign of Bernie Sanders, but then these are funny times we live in. It’s actually kind of interesting to see the Right devolve into this kind of nasty, tribalistic warfare: it’s basically the kind of thing you’ve come to expect from the Left, the members of which cannot sneeze without accusing each other of transphobia and White Privilege. Anyone who’s spent time in any kind of academic environment has seen this type of sectarian devolution; I once witnessed a mega-feminist furiously stomp out of a Women’s Studies course because the professor—herself a very prominent and long-respected feminist—was not sufficiently anti-male. Modern progressivism is an hilarious potluck of chest-thumping and grievance-strutting: you just never know when you’re not going to be appropriately liberal with these people. To see a fairly large faction of the Right melt into such hysteria is disappointing.

Chuck Johnson—perhaps the most intolerable conservative commentator, if he could even be classified as either conservative or a commentator—last week took it upon himself to define “cuckservative” for the masses; sandwiched in between a truly astonishing avalanche of self-aggrandizement (“I was so good at it that they had to kick me off Twitter”), Johnson claims:

“[Cuckservative is] about the fake, phony conservatives who enjoy watching the real fighters on the right get sodomized while they gleefully gawk. They crave respectability over power and the limelight over influence. Seldom paid for their performances on Fox News or MSNBC, they repeat conventional wisdom after getting gussied up—but you can’t polish a soul.”

Sheesh. Look, it’s all well and good to bash faux-conservativism when you see it (after Mitch McConnel’s back-stabbing disaster of a highway bill, for one, it certainly wasn’t difficult to find), but honestly: if the real conservatives in this case are the guys who use the term “gussied up” without irony, I’m not sure I want to be associated with any of them or anything they do. “Seldom paid…get sodomized…you can’t polish a soul?” This is the histrionic dialect of a college postmodern literature course, not anything resembling actual conservative thought. Let us stipulate: there is assuredly a dearth of practical conservative sentiment to be found in many of the Right’s political and cultural efforts these days, and this needs fixing. But for the love of God, the solution isn’t to adopt a nauseating, childish melodrama in order to call out the people who are “gleefully gawking” at you; you’re just going to marginalize yourself, your movement and your convictions, and deservedly so. I mean, you shouldn’t even be writing the phrase “gleefully gawk.” It grinds the ear and it makes you look stupid.

Conservativism certainly needs a lot of work if it’s going to survive as a viable political philosophy in the twenty-first century and if it’s going to effect the kind of change conservatives themselves wish to see. But if we want these things to come about, we don’t need to be listening to the Chuck Johnsons or the cuckservative slingers or the people who actually use the term “real fighters” to describe themselves. They will not help. They’ll only make us look ridiculous and unintelligent, as they’ve already done quite handily for themselves.


  1. Dan Poole

    So that link to the Bernie Sanders article had a headline about he’s opposed to open borders. Are you saying it’s “conservative” to support open borders now? Must conservatives support open borders just because a socialist like Bernie Sanders opposes open borders? Now THAT’s tribalistic thinking right there!

    Oh and by the way, you have no business complaining about the left using “White Privilege” when it is we who use the cuckservative meme who have the solutions for opposing the left’s demonization of Whites. If you want the left to stop smearing Whites with delusional claims of “White Privilege,” than the answer is to stand up for the White race, which is exactly what those of us who use cuckservative are encouraging you to do.

    Seriously, how in the hell do you expect the left to stop using “White Privilege” if you don’t explicitly stand up for White people?

  2. Death


    Cucks gonna cuck. It’s impossible to convince most people out of the things they’ve been indoctrinated with. You’re a clear example of this.

  3. Drogger

    Conservatism is doomed if you don’t protect the practitioners of it: white Americans.

    Open borders = displacement and eventual submersion of whites = no more Conservatism.

  4. Doctor Mayhem

    How cute. Hey, and while our nation is overrun with a permanent democrat-voting bloc, when republicans are irrelevant to national elections, and when the American Empire declines into filth, decay, and socialism, just say this to yourself, “At least they can’t call me racist.”

    Obviously, you should say this while they call you racist and demand more concessions.

    You weak and worthless cuck.

  5. Chris D.

    If you have one political party explicitly representing a particular people, while the other is scared to even implicitly represent another group of people (let alone explicitly), then you have a latter party that is marked for extinction. So-called conservatism has no future in a third world nation. I think we can define “cuckservatives” as “the last of their kind.” They’re happy to rise above the whole mess and look down on those who are going to have to live in a dysfunctional world that they helped create by doing nothing.

    There is a kind of soft genocide taking place in the West. Yet, we don’t want to sound like leftists or in any way risk looking ridiculous. Instead, lets mostly deny the problem exists (that being the systematic replacement of those who built Western civilization) while holding on to some ideals that will get washed away in a sea of third world humanity. That’s the gist of this article.

  6. TRDante

    So in other words, rather than address the message, you’d prefer to shoot the messenger? If you want to focus on why people are calling out cuckservatives, go read this latest piece from TheRightStuff which explains our stance pretty well: http://therightstuff.biz/2015/08/03/for-whom-the-cuckservative-cucks/

    But as for attacking Chuck C. Johnson, seriously? The dude has guts. When most “conservative” activists are terrified to stand up to leftist thugs like Deray McKesson, Chuck was active and upfront with his goal of shutting him up and sending him home. This is the post-#GamerGate world, where the best tactic to fight leftists is to be brash, loud, and aggressive. Imagine if a more conservative politican adopted Trump’s campaign tactics- he’d soar to the top of the field almost instantly. Playing nice doesn’t win elections. It never has, and never will. Wake up and smell the napalm.

  7. Walter Hwhyte

    The only demographic group in the USA where the majority votes for any sort of conservative or libertarian policies are White gentiles. All non-white demographic groups vote majority for big government and socialism.

    What will happen to conservatism when the only demographic that supports conservatism is replaced by mass immigration?

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