Your One-Stop Baby-Butcher Shop

It has become effectively impossible at this point to deny several things: that Planned Parenthood is guilty of engaging in several very serious criminal activities; that much of its upper management is composed of serial criminals; and that an untold-number of Planned Parenthood outlets make a staggering amount of money aborting, butchering and then selling the body parts of children.

Yesterday’s CMP video, the fourth in a series, is as damning as any of the others, in some ways more so. A Planned Parenthood medical director openly admits that, due to PR concerns, the organ-harvesting scheme is portrayed in a “research vein” rather than as a “business venture.” Whatever you choose to call it, the “venture” or “vein” in this case is the execution, dismemberment and commercial sale of infant organs for profit. “It’s a baby,” the doctor admits while parsing the soupy remains of a recently-killed unborn child. How quickly things change: how quickly a “cluster of cells” becomes a “baby.” Remember what Sarah Silverman called unborn human beings a while ago? “Goo.” When it comes to abortion-on-demand, a human being is “goo.” When there’s a buyer involved, you have to drop the pretense. Money talks.

A Texas State Senate hearing earlier this week gave us an additional shock: a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic explained that her clinic’s baby-organ harvesting often produced around $200 “per specimen;” the cost of such a procedure usually ranged from $5-$10. The director claimed that her clinic, using conservative estimates, could generate well over $1,000,000 per year on the sale of aborted-baby body parts. This is an astounding amount of money. It is also a plainly illegal amount. “There is no financial benefit,” Planned Parenthood recently insisted. That’s if you don’t count the million-dollar payoff they get from chopping up babies and selling their intestines to the highest bidder.

It is clear that there is lawbreaking of a pathological variety going on here, and that many of these “doctors” deserve to be in prison. But even if this baby-butcher scheme were an entire legal venture, its exposure would still serve the useful purpose of exposing the pro-choice argument for the hollow, illiterate conceit it really is. It’s not merely that these people are morally wrong; they’re factually, scientifically wrong. For decades it has been chanted monotonously, endlessly, vacuously and dead-eyed: “It’s a clump of cells. It’s a clump of cells.” But it is not. “It’s a baby.” That’s not an admission from the pro-life side, but from a doctor that performs abortions.

The desperation continues to grow; everyone is aware that, over the past few weeks, the pro-abortion regime has become perhaps the most vulnerable it’s been in almost half a century. At the New York Times, Anna North decries the “propaganda campaign to misrepresent Planned Parenthood,” begging us to see the baby butchery as nothing more than “a nonprofit that provides many health services:”

[I]t is dishonest and cowardly to use heavily edited video and subterfuge to portray Planned Parenthood as something other than what it is. It reveals an unwillingness to engage with the real issues and a willingness to mislead others to gain their support.

“Something other than what it is?” This is what Planned Parenthood is. It is a noteworthy institution not because it provides birth control and pap smears; its principle unique function is the wholesale massacre of an entire class of people, millions upon millions of them over the past four decades. Picking through dead baby parts, pulling out kidneys, crushing the baby in such a way as to preserve the lungs—this is what Planned Parenthood does. A “heavily edited video?” It is beyond even the mendacious, narrow-minded New York Times reporter staff to divine what is “heavily edited” about these videos. Is it the part where they pick out the small heart of an unborn baby from its pulverized remains? The part where a staffer jokes, “It’s another boy?” The part at which it is strongly implied that Planned Parenthood occasionally harvests organs from babies that have already been born? This is not “editing;” it is fact. It is there. And it is not going away.

We have the opportunity of a generation: to push this issue, to not let up, to send a bunch of baby-butcher profiteers to jail for a long, long time, and to possibly effect some genuinely systemic change on the matter of abortion. Let’s not waste it.

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